Monday, July 09, 2012

annoying shit

Annoying things that drive you crazy:

1) In my state those on medicaid can get rides to and from medical appointments. Many times they will call for a ride home from the ER. The other day someone called for a ride home. Their house was 1 1/2 blocks from the hospital.

2) You come in unhappy with the care you received at XYZ hospital. You tell me you heard our hospital "gives really good care". Sorry, that won't score any brownie points, you're still going to the lobby.

3) You had major surgery at another hospital and have developed a problem. You come to our ER, instead of going back to the hospital where you had the surgery.

4) You come up to the triage desk and try to get us to make the decision about whether you should be seen.

5) You don't know the last name of the person you want to see or you can't spell the last name. You think that we should be able to find them with just the first name. / You don't believe that someone is not there and get mad when we keep telling you that they aren't.


Pauline said...

LOVE your blog i am also a ER nurse.. just started.. and it is crazy

Anonymous said...