Wednesday, July 04, 2012

welcome to Dysfunction Junction

What is it about holidays that brings out the wackos? Yesterday toward early evening there was a change in barometric pressure and they all started coming in. You know the kind of people who shall we say "live life on the edge of society". In other words, they look like they have been run over by a truck. Disheveled, dirty, smelly. Drank a liter of vodka earlier today. The kind of chap whose first words are "fuck you!",who tries to pick a fight with security.

Of course, I am charge. I am the mayor of what I like to call Dysfunction Junction. This is the kind of day when detox is sending patients to US. Its the kind of day when a patient caused a big scene at another hospital, was thrown out and when they got to the street, called 911 to take her, where else, to us. Here's the thing that hospital called our security to tell us and off to the waiting room she went.

Staffing gave 25 low need LOAs because the census is low, but of course none of them came our way. Maybe its the heat. Maybe its the holiday. Maybe the world is coming to an end.


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aliya seen said...

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