Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nurses are human too

Here's the thing about working in the ER:

1) It is hard to remember that even though we may think they are complete and total idiots, the people who come into the ER think they are having a crisis. For them its a crisis. To us, it is an idiotic reason to come and a waste of our time, but to them its something they felt they needed immediate help with.

2) The majority of people who come to the ER do not need to be there. However, they are going to keep coming. They ain't going away. Many are on medical assitance or don't have insurance and they think it is normal to run to the ER at a drop of a hat. Unfortunately, these are the people we take care of and will continue to take care of.

3) The frustration and anger that all of the ER staff feel about the following won't change. ITs around this: In room 1 you have someone who is dying or just died and the family is grief stricken about the unexpected loss. In room 2 you have someone who came by ambulance who has a sore throat who wants footies, a warm blanket and some juice. Trying to reconcile in you mind how to deal with this kind of situation makes you bang your head against the wall. Its not possible. It is normality in the ER.

My conclusion? You would probably think it is that I can accept this is the way it is and just do the best I can.


I can intellectually tell you that I understand all of this. Here's the thing: I am a human being. The human part of me continues to fight all of this. I could work in the ER for 50 years and it still would piss me off.


Robert Hewes said...

"I could work in the ER for 50 years and it still would piss me off."

As well it should! It's still a damned waste of resources committed by someone who just doesn't care who pays for it. It's unjust, and if you stop getting mad at it, it means you've become numb.

I'm not in your industry at all, but when I heard by sister-in-law (on public assistance) went to the ED for a frikkin' rash I was quite irate. Who wouldn't be?

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Robert!

Anonymous said...

A young teenager with her first ever yeast infection. She feels like her girly parts are going to fall off....that would be a crisis/ emergency.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it only took me 2 years to get pissed off! Iike the ones that waltz right up to Triage all knowing they have bed bugs and need to be seen at 2 am!! Really?? You have been scratchkng for 2 days but at 2 am it became an emergency???!!! That one pisses me off!!