Saturday, October 20, 2012

hop hop hop....

Lately there has been an explosion of ER hoppers in our ER. What are ER hoppers? They are those patients who yesterday, two days ago or whatever went to another ER but felt the need to come to our ER this time. They have various reasons for doing such an idiotic thing. The seven deadly sins. Among them:

1) I didn't get any pain meds for my neck injury from an MVA 2 weeks ago at the other hospital and I'm hoping you will be nicer.
2) I had surgery last week at another hospital, now I am having problems, and your hospital is closer.
3) I didn't like the way they treated me at XYZ hospital.
4) The wait was way too long at the other place
5) I want a second opinion.
6) They didn't do anything for me over there.
7) Family is not happy with care of other doctor, hospital, etc.

ER hoppers are sometimes dumb enough to tell us they were at another hospital. Then there are those who don't. They think we won't find out. But BEWARE, these days we can see if you have been to another hospital in our system. We are also connected to other hospitals as part of a network that shares info, with your kind permission of course.

When I ask people why they didn't go back to the hospital that treated them before, did surgery on them, they are often offended, like I shouldn't ask that. It should be okay to come to a hospital that has no records of your surgery, history, etc. Sorry if I think thats stupid.



EDNurseasauras said...

Among the dead giveaways: ID bands from Other Hospital, unwashed extremities with IV puncture marks, and residue from tape and monitor electrodes

Anonymous said...

If someone was in a MVA 2 weeks before and is coming to the hospital because they are in pain, maybe, just maybe, you could have a doctor prescribe them something a little stronger than OTC meds if they haven't taken narcotics?

Seriously...all of you assume that people who come in days or weeks after an accident are drug seeking. This is NOT always the case. Some of us are poor, don't have health insurance, and are barely hanging on. We come to the hospital days or weeks later because the pain has kept us from being able to sleep and do our jobs and we simply become so sleep deprived that we feel we have no other choice.

I am not drug seeking. The last time I went to a hospital it was 10 days after I rode my bike (too poor to own a car) into a pole on the way home from worke, and stopped my forward momentum with the side of my head. For 10 days I tried to sleep, and work 12-16 hour days as a seasonal worker with a concussion and a skull fracture. When I finally gave in to 'better judgement' and went to the hospital, they neglected to tell me that I fractured my skull and offered me either prescription naproxen (gives me hives and makes my legs swell up like sausages), or advil (gives me severe back pain and I can't urinate when I take it.)

I can take tylenol 3s. I don't want vicoden/lortabs or anything with oxycodone. Seriously...if i am coming to a hospital days after an injury I want something strong enough so that I can take ONE PILL BEFORE BED TO SLEEP so I can keep my job and not lose my mind...OTC isn't enough...but Tylenol 3s are.

Instead of giving out percs and vicoden, ER docs need to remember about tylenol 3s. They are more than enough to help any narcotic-naive individual's pain and not a huge risk to prescribe. The codeine isn't something opiate addicts can abuse without causing themselves problems.

Ally said...

I love the "They didn't do anything for me over there". But probably if you called over there, you'd find that a workup was in fact done that revealed nothing serious.

Anonymous: If a patient had an accident weeks ago, they're still going to get worked up. X-rays and such will be done. If an injury is found, it should be treated appropriately. But if no injury is found, no narcotics will be given. Sorry.

Don't be mad at the doctors mad at the drug seekers. They're the ones ruining it for everyone. These days just saying you're in pain isn't enough for a doctor to prescribe you a narcotic because unfortunately a lot of people who say they are in pain (in the absence of any medically verifiable injury) are either lying or overexaggerating. Gotta find an injury.

Stella said...

I just want to add to this, "Their services is to pricey for me!"

Nursing Job said...

LOL at number 5 "I want a second opinion"! Maybe he also one a third one?

Tinyfeet28 said...

those hospital socks are a dead-give away as well!! I love it when the "regulars" come in with our hospital's socks and I KNOW they haven't been to us in a week (and therefore haven't changed their socks in at least as long)