Saturday, October 13, 2012


I know bed bugs are no laughing matter, but is getting out of control how we deal with them.

I pity the poor housekeeping staff, who have apparently gone through a detailed class on how to identify and COLLECT, yes I said COLLECT, said bed bug in a speical BED BUG container.  Apparently we are now collecting specimens.  I bet the housekeepers are saying: "HEY I DIDN"T SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT WHEN I WAS HIRED!" My question is: what if they are still alive? Do they expect the housekeeper to chase them around the room and trap them under the specimen container? What do they put them in the cup with? Tweezers? Special bed bug catching instruments?  Shit its enough to give them nightmares.

After they catch Bob the Bedbug, then they call in the BIG TIME inspectors from some other department that has been specially formed to deal with these problems.  I hear they have shirts that say BEDBUG INSPECTOR.   After that they can clean the room.

Now all of this takes up to two hours.  If you can believe that.  A room out of commission for two hours because of the possibility that a bedbug has set up shop in the room. 

Here's my idea, I think I'll report that I saw a bed bug in a couple of rooms on a routine basis so that we have those rooms out of commission and there will be less patients brought back...


EDNurseasauras said...

Ha! I'm sure that wouldn't last long!

Renee Maynes said...

It might be more cost effective to make the rooms totally stainless steel and just run a flamethrower over them between patients. I'd even volunteer to be the flamethrower operator in my organization.

Mal said...

Could be worse. Could be bot fly.
(Do not look up bot fly lavae on youtube. I'm serious. You don't want to know.)

How about bug spray, change the linen, and actually trusting housekeeping to know how to do their d*mn jobs.