Sunday, October 07, 2012

PANIC!!!!!! in the streets

Unless you live in a cave, you have probably heard about the fungal meningitis outbreak.  A company that supplies steroids to doctors who inject them into the spine of people with back pain sold contaminated vials of medication.  Seven people have died.

So apparently these medications went all over the country. It seems state department of health agencies are in charge of notifying individuals who have had injections from these medications. So alas, they have been individually calling people in my state and asking them if they have any of a list of about 14 symptoms.  If they do, they tell them to go directly to the emergency room. Now mind you some of these people had the injections 2-3 months ago.

These patients go to pain clinics. so they have chronic pain.  What do you want to bet that they will have one of the symptoms? Oh about say 75%, lets say.  Then you have the other 25% who PANIC!!!! It doesn't matter if they have any symptoms or not.  They want to be checked. They want the doctor to tell them they DON'T have it.

And so these people trickle in, wanting expensive time consuming tests (LPs) that the majority probably don't  need. Just kill me now.


Renee Maynes said...

I've talked several people off the ledge recently over this. No symptoms, injections in distant, distant past at place not remotely associated with the recall. Job security.

Ann Stone said...

Oh my God, it's like H1N1 all over again.