Sunday, October 14, 2012

top ten reasons nursing is so hard

10) poop, vomit, blood, snot,  etc. 'nuff said.

9)  borderline personalities

8) inept management - Is there a good nurse manager/supervisor/administrater anywhere?????

7) rotating shifts

6) the growing number of obese people

5) exposure to disease

4) jerk doctors

3) working holidays

2) lack of appreciation

1) impossibility of completing required tasks, charting, etc.

Your thoughts?


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

My thoughts as an EMT, almost a nurse and friend to many many retired nurses:

You are amazing and do a job that no other profession can or does do. You keep so many important facts straight in Your Head that people lives are saved every minute of every day by virtue of your knowledge and skill.

I love and respect the profession and each of you as individuals that has ever treated me, one of my peeps or any one else kindly, competently and compassionately.

I cannot thank you enough. Or pay you enough. Or give you enough good shoes for y our feet.

Anonymous said...

You can choose to be chef instead!

Anonymous said...

how about you are already working your tail off, stretched to your mental and physical limit, and then are asked to do more. that, and the monthly staff meetings where we are told to wash our hands and be nice to people.

girlvet said...

anon EXACTLY When you think about it, it is the most bizarre job in the world.

Anonymous said...

Other nurses. Everyone is so burnt out we have turned on each other.