Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hell week and combat pay

Subject #1: Hell week.  Thats what we call it when you work 60 hours in a week in the ER.  Five 12 hour shifts. Usually its the week of your weekend.  You are scheduled five out of seven days.  By day 3 I am ready to commit homicide.

Nursing is so ridiculous.  In any other job you would be paid overtime for this. But here's the thing: The first three days are in one pay period.  The next two are in a different pay period.  Thats how they get away with not paying overtime.  It is such a crock.  Nursing are like slaves.

Subject #2:  I was once in the military, in a war zone.  I got what was called "hazardous duty pay".  It is extra money because you are in an area of danger.  You know what?  Nurses in the ER deserve hazardous duty pay.  Everyday we deal with the bottom rung of society: junkies, criminals, drunks, assholes.  Some of them are verbally abusive, even physically abusive.  They threaten us.  They sometimes get out of control.  We never know whats coming through the door and what they are going to do next. They can be shot, stabbed. Their gang buddies could show up.

ER nurses are on the front line of medicine.  They deserve more money because of that fact.  

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