Saturday, February 09, 2013

old folks are fun

Old people can be really funny.  They are often times some of the nicest patients we have.  I had a woman recently who was 90 and her boyfriend was 60.  Showed me his picture. This woman told me that she came of age in the world war II era and the average person from that time lived to 92, so she had two years left.  She was sharp as a tack.  I  knew her life story by the time she was gone.

I've noticed something about people who live into their 90's:

1) They are almost all women.

2) They are thin.

3) They don't take many medications.

It has always struck me as ludicrous that doctors give cholesterol meds, blood thinners and all the other shit they throw at people these days.  I mean, seriously?  Who cares what your cholesterol is at 92?  And do the risks outweight the benefits of coumadin at 90?  Don't give me any of that shit. I'll take my chances...