Friday, September 06, 2013

susie the scammer

A friend told me about a a guy who worked for a chiropractor.  His job was to track accident reports.  Then he would go to the houses of the people who were in the accidents, especially if the people were poor. His job was to convince them that they needed to go to a chiropractor.  He would even provide transportation for them to go.  In other words it was a racket.

I have heard that if you spend so much money with a chiropractor, often times the insurance company will settle with you for a few thousand so they won't have to pay for future medical care.

Then there are the personal injury attorneys who bombard you with letters encouraging you to call them about your fender bender.  No cost to you, they only get paid if you get money, blah blah blah

So all of this encourages people to present to the ER as a way of getting more money for some kind of settlement.  We see a lot of ridiculous fender bender "injuries" by people looking to make a little extra cash. This kind of thing clogs up ERs across the country.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago, when two young ladies presented with "back pain and numerous other pain" from a MVA 3 days ago.   Same accident.  Both insisted on "back xrays".  They weren't bright enough to come up with that request on their own.

ADVICE TO INSURANCE COMPANY SCAMMERS FROM AN ER NURSE: If you are both  coming in from the same accident for your fake injuries, at least have the same story.  Don't tell me the car you were in was hit on different sides....

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