Friday, September 20, 2013

that's what I get for being nice

So I'm sitting at the triage desk.  A guy comes up and says that he works in a martial arts place/boxing place in he neighborhood.  He doesn't want to be seen.  He just wants to weigh one of the boxers, apparently they don't have a scale.  So...okay big deal.  We have a scale in triage.

So he brings the guy in...and the guys proceeds to take off his pants down to his boxers and gets on the scale. Now mind you, both triage bays are full..there are people at the window.  WTF?

Was I
punked?  Thats what I get for being nice...

Moral of the story: Never be nice in triage.  It will bite you.

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pineapple rn said...

My motto: No good deed shall go unpunished!