Monday, January 06, 2014

and thats the way it is/ode to Walter Cronkite.

Some things I learned yesterday at work.:

It is COOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD where I live.  It is killer cold.  You could die in this shit type cold.

Lest you think that cold would keep the fruit loops away from the ER, you would be mistaken my dear. They will still make their way there with their ridiculous colds, tummy aches, etc.  Even though it is frickin' -50 wind chill.  

Sorry, I refuse to do a rectal temp on a middle aged walking  and talking woman, doctor. You want the rectal temp, you do it.  Bizarre order.

When anything (procedure, policy, any way of doing things) is working, it can't last.  Some one will throw a monkey wrench into that and come up with a way that is so complicated that no one will be able to understand it.

Depending on which doc/NP/PA you get when you come in with the flu, you can get anything from nothing to Dilaudid.  Its a roll of the dice.

You don't have to work IN the sewer to work IN a sewer. One day our ER literally smelled LIKE A SEWER for 2-3 hours due to some kind of problem with one of the pipes.

And thats the way it is, January 6, 2014.


Mathi Bear said...

Wonder if the rectal temp order was just to discourage her from coming back with stupid complaints. I still agree with your response.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, we had a temp ER doc (from Chicago) who insisted on rectal temps. Yeah, screw you sweetie, I don't need to traumatize some 14 year old boy with that just to prove he has a hot appy. Trust me, he got it. With or without the anal penetration.