Friday, January 17, 2014

please don't drink the water

There is a phenomenom in this country.  Apparently no one can drink water anymore.  Even people who aren't nauseated can't drink water.

Just about everybody that comes to the ER these days gets an IV whether they need it or not.  They will also get a liter of saline.  Its like a "when you don't know what else to do, give them a liter of saline" type of mentality.  Do you know how many liters of saline are poured into people daily in this country? Thousands. I'm sure it makes the saline liter company very happy.

The days of having someone actually drink a few glasses of water are gone.  I mean the hospital has bought all of these IV catheters, IV fluids, tubing so we have to use them. The amount of saline we waste in the US could fill a river from one end of the country to another.

So if you come to the ER, be prepared to have a couple of needle sticks. You ARE going to get an IV. And damn it we will poke you til we get it. We are good little nurses following orders.

Ridiculous order #657

For 50 points: "Whats wrong with this picture?"

1) Start patient on bipap.

2) Have mental health come and talk to patient.


Stephen said...
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Michele Hinton said...

I spent several hours in the ER while they hunted down Berinert to stop my tongue from swelling. I was in the big room they use for intubations with the curtains wide open. During this time I witnesses this IV phenomenon. In fact the nurses were trying to figure out where to scan the bags as they had been ordered from a different supplier as their usual supplier was backlogged with orders. When they asked me for my preference in pain medication, I requested Toradol and yet was given Dilauded and Zophran. The Dr was concerned I may have a reaction to the Toradol. In fact everyone got Dilauded. Even the lady who rolled in on a gurney by the paramedics fixing her make up. Another woman didn't get her narcotic script and left in hysterics. There was a guy hanging out in the hallway waiting for some one, hitting up anyone in a hospital gown for their meds. I remembered all of the times you have written about patient satisfaction surveys and I asked for a stack of them and a pen. I felt so bad for these nurses that I filled in a survey for everyone of them I came in contact with. When I was asked by one of the nurses why all of her patients couldn't behave as I did I pulled up your blog. Later as I passed the nurses station on my way to the ICU several of them were gathered around a computer thoroughly enjoying your observations and wishing it would be required reading for anyone coming into the ER. What you do provided comic relief for some very over worked frustrated nurses

Anonymous said...

Husband broke wrist.
Not a bad break. A run of the mill, small bone broken, slightly swollen, slightly sore wrist. The sort of whack a cast on and come back in a few weeks.

The doctor wanted to send him home with oxycodone.

Umm, no, he won't be getting that.

The doctor looked at me like I had grown another head, and wondered why I was being such a cruel wife.
We went home and I gave him so over counters instead for the few times it did twinge.