Thursday, January 02, 2014

the boomerang from hell

You present to the triage window carrying on.  Weeping and wailing and claiming you can't breathe, you need to see a doctor: "RIGHT NOW"!!!!!  Here's a clue: If you are able to weep and wail, you can breathe just fine.  Sorry we're full and you have to take your place in the lobby like everyone else...

Of course you are stunned, shocked as it were. My GOD, HAVE WE NO SHAME!!  You go protesting, to the lobby where you get on the phone and proceed to loudly trash our ER and hospital, throwing in a couple of "Motherf---kers" into the mix.  Eventually you leave. Yeah!!

Oh but you aren't done.  Of course you aren't.  Here you come 30 minutes later in an ambulance.  Back you come to triage.  You are once again stunned, shocked as it were.  You are once again triaged sent back out to the lobby for a repeat performance.  Only this time the natives are not so accomodating, they give you the evil eye, daring you to get on your phone again...

You eventually leave..again..maybe this time you'll call the ambulance to take you to another hospital.

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Nathan Geissel said...

This sounds like something that people would do at my local ER. The wait time frequently is over 2 hours, so people call the paramedics even for small things, and then get them to put an IV in by complaining of nausea or something, that way they are put back in a room rather than in triage... It's kinda sad the wait time is always bad enough that people do that, but so many people abuse our local EMS and ER it is insane. Love your blog, Madness!