Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a day in the life of a junkie

When you work in the ER, you take care of ALL KINDS of people. Old people. Young people,  Black, white, purple people.  Neurotic people and even some normal people.  And you also take care of people who are on the bottom rung of our society.

Prostitutes. Junkies.  Prostitute junkies. People who have  sunk so low in life, that in order to support their habit, they stand on a street corner in the cold, waiting for someone to stop and give them 10 dollars for a quick you know what. Those  guys on their way back to the suburbs to the wife and kiddies. Suburban Steve keeps the heroin flowing from dealer to junkie.

Then the prostitute junkie goes and buys that heroin and shoots up. They end with abscesses from sharing dirty needles They end up passed out on the street.  Some "good samaritan" calls 911.  They end up with me.  Out of it. Barely able to stay awake to answer a few questions.

What are we going to do with them?  Not much.  Eventually they will come around, the junk will wear off.  We'll give them a sandwich and send them on their way to start the whole thing again. Another day, another fix.


Anonymous said...

The makings of a junkie!

Crusty ER TECH said...

Eventually this newest concoction from hell will hit the streets in a serious way. Heavens how horrible, the humanity!


jcleary555 said...

Seriously I do not understand the big huff over this. So now some people may take one pill instead of taking their typical 5 or so hydrocodone/apap pills if they are abusing pain meds...if anything at least they won't fry their liver. Does anyone really believe someone addicted and abusing Vicodin only takes the recommended dose of hydrocodone/apap? Just because in comes in a pill that's 10/375 doesn't mean they're only taking that one pill...they're going to take as many as they need to get high, I have seen people who eat 30 Vicodin a day....that's because they're 5 or 10mg hydrocodone...that doesn't mean they're going to automatically tAke 30 zohydro. The argument over this is just so dumb. Just like people who take Percocet and ages addicted they'll take a few of the 10mg oxycodones or 1 30mg roxycodone without the APAP.