Monday, February 03, 2014

queen of the drunks

I've been lax on the blog.  Worked a lot last week.  Gloomy weather.  Mid winter blues, etc.


Is it just me or are the frickin' drunks coming out of the woodwork?  Either that or we are becoming the local alternative to detox.  We be gettin' those serious drunks.  The ones that live life at .4. They have a masters degree in drunkenness. They are veritable experts in their field.

Here's the thing, I really have little sympathy for drunks or druggies for that matter. I know its a disease, etc.  Hell, I've had close family members who were addicts.  I grew up with it in my family and it affected my childhood.  Sorry, still no sympathy. These people not only destroy themselves, they destroy the lives of people around them. They are a nuisance to society.  They cost millions and millions of dollars in  health care every year.  They are the basis for most of the crime in the country.

So moving on, I have been queen of the drunks.  In all their forms.  From the drunk who is still functioning, has a job and a "fiance" (here's a clue: if your future husband can drink 3/4 liter of vodka a day and remain conscious maybe you SHOULDN'T MARRY HIM ) to the drunk who pissed their pants and everybody in between.

The best drunk is one that just goes to sleep and shuts up. The best situation is that there is a detox bed and in a couple of hours we can shuttle them down there.

Dear John/Jane Q. Public:  Do us a favor...if you see a drunk laying on the street, leave them.  They sleep on the ground every night.  We will do nothing for them in the ER other than spend thousands of your tax dollars to house them until they sober up.



Anonymous said...

told the fire guys the other day that our city needs a drunk tank. He looked at me for a minute and said, "I think they already have one". ugh.

Anonymous said...

They are part of ER nursing

girlvet said...

yeah but I don't have to like it

Mark p.s.2 said...

You got a typo.

I have been queen of the drunks

"been" should be "seen", no?