Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What you talkin bout Willis?


No....come on...I am mean I have to wait?  You mean I might have to wait a couple of hours? What?

Yes I am afraid that it is a Monday (or any other day for that matter) and this is an emergency room.  We only have so many beds. I know this is hard to believe but  THERE ARE OFTEN MORE PATIENTS THAN THERE ARE BEDS.....I know...shocking.

Here is another shocking fact:  WE SEE PEOPLE IN ORDER OF HOW SICK THEY ARE!  I know...stunning.  This isn't how things work out in the OTHER WORLD.  In the other world you get in line and when the line gets to the front, you are dealt with.  Unfortunately, THAT ISN'T THE WAY THINGS WORK HERE.  Unfair...shocking...stunning...I know.

Stunning fact #3: WHAT YOU CONSIDER AN EMERGENCY VERY WELL MAY NOT BE WHAT WE CONSIDER AN EMERGENCY.  Yes, yes...I know...your 1/2" cut is bleeding...oh no! Your queasy stomach is annoying...but here's another stunner:  THAT PERSON GASPING FOR BREATH, THE ONE CLUTCHING THEIR CHEST, THAT GUNSHOT WOUND TAKES PRECEDENT OVER YOU.  Shocker.

Now, let me say this: I know that in the world you live in you are a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, probably much more important than any of these other people.  YOU HAVE THINGS TO DO FOR CRIPES SAKE!  I get it. I get it. People in your world probably cater to your every whim.

Here's the thing: YOU HAVE ENTERED MY WORLD. My world doesn't work like your world. In my world its all about who among the teeming masses presenting at the window:

1) Are going to go down hill fast if I put them in the lobby.  That would be messy.  I DON"T LIKE MESSY.
2) Who might die if I don't rush them back. SORRY, NO DEATHS IN TRIAGE ON MY WATCH.

So sorry MR/MRS VIP, yes you will wait. You may wait a couple of hours. Your angry words, red face, lawsuit threats, sending your relative/friends to the window to report your 1/2 cut starting bleeding again (oh no!), that queasy stomach is still queasy WON"T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. In fact, you taking my time at the window, only delays things further.

GO SIT DOWN. Unfortunately, MY WORLD doesn't work like YOUR WORLD.


arvind sarna said...
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arvind sarna said...
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