Friday, April 03, 2015

danger will robinson danger!

Just when you thought health care couldn't get any stupider comes news:

JCAHO requires that your bulletin board hold limited information and that all sheets of paper on the board MUST HAVE TACKS IN ALL FOUR CORNERS.
Apparently if your don't have it tacked down in four corners you could lose your accreditation.

I can understand their concern about the whole four corners thing. Paper can be dangerous for the following reasons:

1) Someone could get a nasty paper cut from that fluttering piece of paper.

2) Lets say the paper comes loose due to only having one tack, it could become a missile and take somebody's eye out.

3) A wind could come by and move the paper around helter-skelter and your eyes could follow that motion, causing dizzinessand a fall to the ground perhaps requiring boarding and collaring.

4) The paper could become loose, fall to the floor. You bend over to pick it up and herniate a disk. You become addicted to narcotics and lose your job as a nurse becoming an aimless drug seeker.

5) The paper becomes loose, a random gust of wind takes it down the hall. You chase after it, slip on the floor, hit your head on the corner of a desk. You develop a massive head bleed and become a vegetable. 


holly morales said...

Don't forget, you can only have 2 pens in your pocket too. Apparently the 3rd one can be used as a weapon. Naughty. Naughty.

holly morales said...
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OldfoolRN said...

The best advice I ever received about responding to questions from JCAH surveyors is to pretend you do not speak English. After a couple of Sprechen Deutch's they would usually leave me alone. There was nothing in JCAH regs mandating English as the language to be spoken.