Sunday, April 26, 2015

my job ain't no tv show

Every time I flip through the cable channels, there seems to be a new ER reality show.  So I thought I would put together a list of one's that I know of.  Here they are:

Trauma life in the er

Untold stories of the er

Bizarre er

Las Vegas er

Sidney er

NY med

Boston er

The little I have watched of these shows, naturally it's about dramatic shit. Every time you turn around someone's crashing or they're cracking a chest. So this is what public has come to believe an ER is, one exciting moment after another. In reality, working in an ER on a daily basis can be boring and routine. It has its moments, but really it's about a lot of abd pain, back pain, LOLLOL's, drunks and drug seekers.   It's a lot of starting IS an giving Zofran and Dilaudid......*yawn*.

I guess vomiting and grandma coming in covered in stool or Harold the drunk making his 3rd appearance that week doesn'the attract an audience and advertising money.


erbehr said...

OMG, I love your blog. I work in a large inner city ER in Northern California and I can not tell you how much laughing and general empathy you bring to my day. Please keep it up, you are totally keeping the rest of us sane.


mary said...

sex sent me to the ER. I think you forgot that one.

girlvet said...

Oh how could I forget the best one of all?!

Thanks mary!