Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SEPSIS is the new black

All of a sudden sepsis has become the IT thing in the ER. We have had septic patients for a long time and have treated them with fluid, antibiotics, sometimes pressors, etc.  We aren't really treating them any differently now, its just that now someone with sepsis has become

       ******THE SEPTIC PATIENT!!!*****

Now..if you have a fever you are possibly septic and we treat you as such.  The whole world has become
possibly septic and all that entails: fluids, blood cultures, lactates, etc. Sniffles with fever - SEPTIC!  Sore throat with fever - SEPTIC!! Everyone is septic until proven otherwise dammit!

We are getting new machinery around this that has us tilting the patients legs up at a 45 degree angle for a few minutes to determine where they are with their fluid status involving CO, SV and all those other letter things that they understand on CCU and I never wanted to understand. Its too complicated for my feeble brain. Another machine to hook up to the patient.  Its getting to the point where we won't be able to see the patient because of all the cables going from them to the machines. 

Of course we had an inservice which went in one ear and out the other.  

It is admirable that attention is being put on sepsis and trying to decrease the mortality rate that goes with it. Why does it seem like whenever a something like this starts, they go overboard? **

**I know the picture has little to do with this content but I thought it was sue me.


Anonymous said...

Once again you are right on. I see it as a take-off of the 'haves and have nots'. In the hospital we have the 'planners and the doers'. The planners sit around all day and think and plan of new shit for the doers to do. that's their function. Do they ever do the things they plan? Of course not, they just plan. So they end up planning ad nauseum, so we can ignore most of what they plan. Great system, eh?

Anonymous said...

Same here!! even if the lactate is normal we are supposed to proceed full steam ahead until .... ? So come all ye flus, sore throats with fever and tachycardia etc etc we will make sure you get those 2 liters of life-saving saline.

Nurse Dee said...

Yep and they wonder why there's antibiotic resistance - well when you're using it with such jackassedness, no wonder!

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Dr. Grumpy's post of yesterday? (Wed. 04/15)? I have a friend who is a nurse in a "terminal" department of her hospital. Sometimes she needs to visit patients who are on palliative care home, and she said that this happens more often than people think it might, and they always have to take into consideration who is living with the patient.

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