Wednesday, May 11, 2011

stupid survey shite

Oh how I love modern corporate medicine. They want so much to make you feel that they care how you feel, that your opinion matters. hahahahahaha. Right.

The latest stupidity? A survey of course. Hospitals love this shit. Well, of course, yours truly had to take the survey...I love surveys. What was interesting about this was the following question: Describe the hospital in 3 words...I read those words with glee, rubbing my hands together. Let me see:

CEO bonus bonanza

mediocre management paradise

feng shui nightmare

corporate hack refuge

hood rat haven

Then: Describe what your vision of the hospital in the future in 3 words:

registered nurse dreamworld

wealthy nurse stronghold

pampered nurse spa

great staffing fantasy

JCAHO/CMS free zone

I filled out the survey a hundred times...har

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