Saturday, May 07, 2011

nurse week: EPIC FAIL

Next week is nurses week. Whoopee. Every year the "medical staff" gives us a t shirt with so and so hospital nurses, blah, blah, blah(I bet all the docs think its really neat that they give us a shirt)..No thanks I'll pass. I don't want it. You showed us how much you value us when you gave us no raise last year, 1% this year and treated us like shit during negotiations. Madness don't forget..I'm like an elephant when it comes to that shit.

So you may take your so and so hospital nurses bullshit shirt and you know where you can put it. I have a great idea. A design for next years t shirt, in big bold letters: IT'S NURSES WEEK AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY TSHIRT


Nurse K said...

It's unbecoming to hold such grudges.

girlvet said...

conduct unbecoming? to the brig for me...

girlvet said...

Nursek does this mean you don't love me anymore?

Anonymous said...

Our hospital did nothing, nada, zip. Not even a lousy t-shirt.

I think they're pissed we decided to join the union.

We didn't even get recognition in the facility newsletter. It wouldn't irk me quite so badly, but lab, pt, rt, etc. all got recognition.

Oh well. At least I don't have to find room in my dresser for a t-shirt.

Lunch would have been nice, though.

binkRN said...

Funny- we don't get anything...same company, too. Oh, sure, they draw names to see who can get a prize...well, an ultra-casual nurse got one and our manager. Yep. Great.

No t-shirt, no cake, no marching band. (Ok, wouldn't want the marching band...)

It would be nice to get dinner catered in or something one's not like we get a dinner break in our dept.

spencerlb said...
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Kathleen said...

Never heard of the "medical staff" having much of a role in hospital negotations outside of the docs who are administrators (like nurse admin). Why make enemies of allies?