Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love..not

Things I love....I love a patient who stops at White Castle for a few burgers after drinking heavily, then calls 911 from there for a chronic problem. Not only do they have alcohol breath, but now they have white castle breath too...I also love junkies who are brought in by a friend and the friend takes you aside and whispers to you about them and their problems. I love putting 300 lb people on the bedpan about every 15 minutes. Why is it people that big can never get up to a commode or the bathroom? What do they do at home?I love mothers who come in with their grown daughters and have to sit right next to them in the triage bay and try to talk for them. I love people who get mad on the phone because I can't solve their problem over the phone. I love it when its one of those days and its time to go home and I don't have to come back tomorrow.


newnurseinthehood said...

So we supposedly don't allow children under 12 back to the treatment area- can we go ahead and make the same rule for mothers of patients over 30? I think the ER would run much better.

Miss B. Havior said...

And what's up with those folks who can get up to the bedsidecommode, but can't seem to wipe their own ass?
"You'll have to do it for me."
Eeewwh and yuckers.