Monday, May 09, 2011

la familia

There are days when I go to work (like today) and I just don't want to be there. Especially Mondays. They are guaranteed to be shitty most of the time. So when you go in dreading the day already and you have the moaning crackhead or neurotic Nellie the fibromyalgeur, it makes things so much worse. By the end of the shift, knowing you have to come back tomorrow, you drag your butt out to the car feeling worse than you did when you came in.

Then I get home. Here people treat you nice. They care about you. They do nice things for you after a bad day. I sit on the couch and watch a little TV with my son and I feel so much better. I can relax. Its not so bad after all.

Having the kind of job that I do, I appreciate my family. Without them, I don't think I could face the ER on a regular basis.

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rnraquel said...

I don't know why mondays are like that, but they really are. It is so nice to have some sweetness to come home to.