Sunday, November 25, 2012

no shit rains down

Something happened the other day. I'm not quite sure if it was real. I went to work as usual, walking into the hospital wondering what shit  would rain down on me  today. As it turns out I was walking into a magical fairyland. Yes people my saggy, baggy, ratty, dirty, rundown old ER had turned into something else that day. A place I didn't even recognize. It didn't look any differnt.

Something was in the air that day. Something that I hadn't felt for years.  I didn't even realize how different that day  had been until I was in the car driving home. I was humming, feeling tired, but good.  I didn't feel that ugly, bitter, angry "I hate this motherf---king job" feeling.  I actually felt kind of good.

Wait a minute......SCREEECHHHH!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!! Yes, people I actually felt good about my day at work that day. I felt like I had accomplished something, done something worthwhile. No, I didn't sit on my butt all day because people trickled in. It was a steadily busy, post holiday type day. Lots of grandmas and grandpas.

I had sick patients, really sick patients, they might die sick type patients.  The kind of patients you are still thinking about a couple of days later, wondering what happened to them.

The point of all this?  I actually took care of  REAL emergency patients.  Patients who truly needed help.  No whiners, seekers, fools, crazies,  drunks, dopers.  It was actually like you think an ER should be. 

I doubt it will ever happen fact it may never have happened at all....maybe it was a dream.