Thursday, November 08, 2012


Highest number of people waiting in the lobby to get in today: 22

Highest number of people in line at the triage window at one time: 10

Highest number of people in the ER at one time today: 52

Longest length of time someone waited: 3 hours

Most members of one family triaged today: 3

Longest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 2 years

Shortest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 1/2 hour

Percentage of people who didn't really need to be there: 90%

Dumbest reason to come to the ER: "I want to be seen for an std, I have no symptoms but something doesn't feel right".

Smartest reason to come to ER today: severe chest pain for 3 days

Amount of time left in the shift when I got dinner: 1 hour

Amount of times I felt like running screaming from the ER while working in triage: 12 - at least twice an hour



Mal said...

You really need a triage option 'discharged to primary care doctor'. It would be really useful to those of us who've ever waited for hours in the waiting room, only to be told that our symptoms did not require emergency treatment, and we should make an appointment with our regular doctor.

Yes, it happend to me. I fainted while visiting a friend in hospital. Concerned hospital employee called a crash team, which I didn't need. Crash team insisted on me going to ER, where I was triaged, and then waited two hours to be told I'd fainted from low blood pressure (which I already knew) and could see my regular doctor if I was concerned. The triage nurse could have told me that, and saved us all time, hassle, and anxiety.

Hospitals are absolutely the worst places to faint, as they are the only places that do not take your word for it when you say, 'No, really I'm fine, I just fainted.'

girlvet said...

the triage nurse cannot legally tell you that. Only the doctor can. You really did have the option to leave if you wanted to even if they wanted you to stay. Its a free country.

Anonymous said...

tirage sucks. EOM

Anonymous said...

triage even. tirage is close to tirade - same difference

Tinyfeet28 said...

hahaha triage, tirade hahaha love it! After 12 hours out there, I usually have to ask the patient, "Did I take your temperature yet? Did that blood pressure cuff squeeze? Did I ask you this already?" haha

Or I love the patient (usually male and dramatic) comes in with a tourniquet around his arm, screaming that he's bleeding and needs help. And then the whole waiting room goes nuts. And you walk over and it's the littlest, tiniest lac ever. I love telling those patients to sit down and wait their turn. haha Triage makes me hate people.

Ally said...

One of my favorite sign-ins from my ER: "don't feel the same, might be prego". REALLY?! In what world is "don't feel the same" and possibly being pregnant a condition that requires emergency intervention?!

LOL at your longest and shortest times of symptoms. It's always amusing to see people with a complaint that's been going on for 2 years (but this particular day is the day I shall get worked up for it!), or people that have had URI symptoms x 30 minutes, or vomiting x1, or some nonsense.

It really is getting completely ridiculous.

garywacker said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to ask patients if I've taken their temperature when I'm in triage too!
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