Wednesday, November 07, 2012

once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a rocket scientist. Now this rocket scientist did not go to the dentist on a regular basis, who knows why. Well one day rocket scientist has a toothache. Now toothaches suck as we all know.

Well of course rocket scientist does not have a dentist, not using such services on a regular basis. Didn't think of going to the drug store to get something. Eventually rocket scientist decides that this toothache requires emergency intervention. So rocket scientist calls an ambulance. Yes, an ambulance. Now Mr/Ms. paramedic are obligated by regulation to take rocket scientist to the ER, code 58 (if we get stuck in traffic we don't care). Paramedics walk rocket scientist into ER triage. Rocket scientist is put in the lobby after triage. Eventually they are taken back to the fast track and put in a room. Within 5 minutes rocket scientist is on the light asking for pain meds.

And so the story goes on....Act 11 scent 28...enter stage left - nurse practicioner. Nurse practicioner won't give narcs for toothaches, bless her heart. When Nancy nurse goes in to discharge rocket scientist they are no where to be found. They have left without instructions, realizing no narcs are forthcoming.

Your tax dollars at work.
Fade to black....


Mindy said...

LOL!! Just another night in the ED. I particularly like the toe pains that come in EMS! Good times.
From one ED nurse to another!

Mal said...

Aww. Toothache sucks. Some ERs apparently have emergency dentists, tho. Me, I chew cloves and make an appointment.

I recommend cloves to all your narcotics-free toothache sufferers. Just chew gently with the aching tooth, and the clove will deaden the nerve. And freshen their stinky breath. Wimps can buy clove oil from their local pharmacy for the same effect.

girlvet said...

Having worked at 3 different ERs, including a county hospital, they have never had a dentist.

Anonymous said...

I had one that called the ambulance for "an asthma attack." On arrival noB, no wheezing, no distress Sats high 90s cigarettes in hand smelling like he sat around smoking all day...called the ambulance cause he lost his rescue inhaler at a party 2...yes 2 nights before. Sometimes I really would like to slap some sense into people but I refrain cause God forbid it might ruin my customer service score.

pineapple rn said...

We had a female patient who arrived via rescue because she "had a nightmare".