Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a shitstorm

I actually ran at work yesterday. I mean move the legs full out run.

I don't run. I'm not a runner. At work.  I saunter.  I may walk fast once in a while.  Rarely. I'm not excitable.

This was one of those "Oh shit! That wasn't supposed to happen!" moments. But it did and I ran. It wasn't even our patient.  They were alive when they left the ER.

I started charge at 3 pm. Within a half an hour we had a  stroke come in.  Then a half hour after that the Oh shit! moment happened.  Then during that an MI came in.  Then here is news that there is a helicopter landing and guess what, the bed isn't ready.  Helicopter = critical patient.

Yes, folks, we got ourselves a GENUINE shitstorm happenin' here.

Six hours later I dragged my butt home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Madness! I so enjoy your blog!! I am not in the medical field, automotive actually. But my oldest daughter graduates RN school May 13, yay! She has been a LPN at an urgent care and her dream has Bern to be an ER nurse. My sister in law has been an RN in an ER for 15 years. We have actually had some interesting arguements due to bad moods & what I considered them to be uncompassionate. Boy was I wrong!! I have went back & literally read all of your blogs. Thank you you have enlightened me!!
A more understanding Mom