Thursday, April 04, 2013



Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt you're allowed to wear that at work. *sigh*

I can just picture it tho...

"I want the d-medicine, and a warm blanket, and ... you're the mean nurse. Can I have a diffent nurse?"

Anonymous said...

Hey, my hospital is now advocating giving everyone ice water, making sure there are 700 chairs in a room for the patient's visitors. Get this - giving tea to anyone who has a sore throat & OMG has to wait a few minutes.

Yep, I'm no longer a nurse, I'm a waitress. Years of college wasted.

Aesop said...

Not that I know anything about this, but sometimes, placing a "Help Wanted" ad in the local newspaper, asking for nurses but describing cocktail waitress skills and emphasizing how much grovelling you expect them to do and how much abuse to expect, and listing your facility's HR dept. and phone number, tend to work more magic in nipping this crap in the bud than 24 months of complaining at useless internal committee meetings where mgmt. nods and then blows you off.

Or so I've heard.

It also has the advantage of going out to everyone in town, and get picked up by TV stations.

Or so I've heard.

Oh, and don't overlook the Pennysaver-type of classified rags, that go out free to everyone in town.

Remember, if poking the dragon in the eye doesn't work, it's always allowable to kick it in the crotch.