Saturday, April 27, 2013

ode to nurses

I was reading a book recently and one of the main characters was a nurse.  She worked in pediatric
oncology.  It talked about her work periodically in the book.  There was one patient she had that she grew close to who was a teenager.  He was on the floor for a while.  He was hanging in there.  Then he got pneumonia and died.  This person she grew to really care for. This family too.  It brought tears to my eyes.

It was just a book, a fictional book,  but it got me to thinking about nurses. What we do.  How much I respect and admire all of us. The nurses who work with kids with cancer, knowing they are probably going to die.  The nurses who work with quadriplegics who are adjusting to a life in which they will never walk again.  The nurses who work with the teeny tiny premies for months hoping they will make it. The nurses who stay with families while their loved ones die.  The nurses who relieve the pain of the people who are suffering terribly.  All of the nurses, day in, day out who care for the sick and vulnerable among us.  Its a tough job, but they keep going back every day to do it anyway.    


Christy Ryman said...

Found your blog and was reading through the archives and couldn't help but comment...I have had some amazing nurses over the years and I so appreciate those in your profession. The thing you said about taking away severe pain struck me. I average about 2-3 visits to the ER in a year with very severe migraines. (yes, I know most of the ER staff does not take them seriously and either considers them a bad headache or else completely fictitious as an excuse to score meds. That is their prerogitive.) (sorry, I get a little defensive, but I only go when I've hit the point I want to scoop my eye out with a melon baller.) Anyway, nurses are always the most sympathetic part of my experience, whether they believe me or not, and that shows just how kind you all are. You may feel like its a thankless profession but I am very thankful for your profession. Especially since I started out in college as a nursing major and had to drop it after I threw up when we dissected the cat first semester :)

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