Monday, April 22, 2013

Has Crayzee Central closed for good?

What is the point of going on I ask you? What is really the ('sniff) point? All of the bloggers I started with or joined along the way have died a slow agonizing death...


Emergiblog (the mother of all ER nurse blogs)
Nurse Ratcheds Place
Weird Nursing Tales
You Can't Fix Stupid
Etc Etc Etc

And now worst of all, Crass Pollination has died.  Is the world coming to an end? First she moves to Montana (why would anyone do that?), then the blog dies. What the hell happened in Montana?  Was it all the perverts who took over the forum? Who has Nurse K and what have they done with her?

Its hard to go on....I know how hard it is to keep the blog going.  Its a been there, done that, blah blah blah situation.  Whats the point? Who really cares?  Whats it all about (Alfie)?

The only thing keeping me going are

New Nurse in the Hood

White Coat

If they quit, I stick a knife in the blog....


sicko said...

Love ur blog!
Love nurse K's blog!!
Love Grumby's blog!!!
Please come back K!!!!
Please Don't go Girlvet!!!!!
Love my fellow bloggers!!!!!!

JA-RN said...

Love your blog & am hoping you don't quit or change to "invitation only" like some others. Found the above blog on another site & like it,too.

Dr. Mongo Lloyd said...

I should probably be offended. I'm one of the perverts from Nurse K's blog.

girlvet said...

love ya anyway mongo

girlvet said...

love ya anyway mongo

Lisa G said...

Gawd, I miss K. Her battles with Happy...the good old days. Don't leave us, girlvet--I'd miss your voice terribly!

Unknown said...

You, Nurse K and Dr. Grumpy inspired me to start my blog. Mine isn't known but I don't care.

Not Nurse Ratched said...

Crass went away before and came back. I hope the same happens again. Was it a stalker? I think I saw a tweet to that effect. There's Hood Nurse, and COINCIDENTALLY, the new Shepherd of the Gurneys is fucking hysterical.

menz dot za said...

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Unknown said...

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