Friday, August 23, 2013

I live for this shit

According to surveys  we are supposed to have a smile on our face and act very enthusiastic about your constipation, withdrawal from meth, drunken stupor, chronic back pain. I need to show you that I love my job and it is my mission in life to serve you. Otherwise you might consider me "rude or short". You might make a complaint. 

If I don't seem engaged its because I am fucking tired. Okay? I have been running around this ER for 12 fucking hours. Did I mention that we are down a nurse and that the hospital is full with no beds? Oh....thats right...I'm being rude, I'm not showing my enthusiasm.

I just cleaned up grandma who has been lying in her own excrement for the past day because no one checked on her. Drunk Jerry just peed all over himself. Suicidal Susie is getting out of control because she has been waiting for hours for a nonexistent psych bed. She is heading toward restraints. Oh but let me put back on my shit eating grin. I love my job and I want you to know it.

You are the center of my universe with your stubbed toe. I will buddy tape the shit out of that sucker and I will give you a toothy grin while I do it and say what a very nice patient you are while you whine about needing pain medication.

I want you to know that I would volunteer for this shit if I didn't get paid. I live to serve humanity.

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Anonymous said...

If you're smiling while you stick a needle in me, (or anything painful or potentially embarassing) I will think you are a sadistic b*tch and be very uncomfortable.

As a patient, I am more comfortable with a nurse or doctor who smiles ocasionally, than with one who has a constant grin.

Treating patients compassionately and with as much dignity as possible is what is needed, and you can't always concentrate on that if you're rushed off your feet.