Thursday, August 22, 2013

pet peeve #234

Pet peeve #234:

Answering phone calls.

If you call in to ask how long the wait is, even if it is 2 minutes I will probably tell you 2 hours and there are 20 people in the waiting room.   This ain't a restaurant.

Advice seekers: WE STOPPED GIVING ADVICE OVER THE PHONE 20 years ago.  Put on your big boy or girl pants and make your own decision.  Hint: If you have time to call in, its probably not an emergency.

Doctors offices,  home health nurses, etc: I HATE YOU.  I don't care who you are sending in.  It doesn't make any difference in anything that will happen with them.  YOU ARE WASTING YOUR, AND MY, TIME.

One sandwich short of a picnic:  Its not my problem you: lost your discharge instructions, left before you got them, ate them.  Don't call and ask me to read them to you.  If you lost your narcotic prescription, someone stole it, the magical prescription taker took it you ain't getting another one.

Mom, Dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friends, boyfriends, husbands, person you're having an affair with, , 2nd cousin twice removed: I don't have time to update you on Emma's stubbed toe.

That is all. I feel better now.



jimbo26 said...

It's good to have a rant . ;-)

Anonymous said...

My Pet Peeve #636
Two-fers, three-fers, six-fers...parents who bring in one kid who might be legitimately sick and then decide since they are already in the department, they might as well get a chart made up for all the kids because every one of them has one symptom or another....a snotty nose, runny poop or a new tooth coming in...

Anonymous said...

I had a five-fer the other day for the first time! Got them all into one room too!

EDNurseasauras said...

I had a 5-fer (mother was the only non-sick one) that came in 30 minutes before closing time. DX: you have a cold. The only worse kind of 5-fer are the ones who spy a bat in the attic and all race down for rabies shots.

Deb said...

OMG so funny! Do you know that they have a "triage nurse" app. For $5 bucks, you can call a "nurse" who will ask about your symptoms and guess where she sends you? TO THE ER! Priceless!