Monday, August 26, 2013

yes we have no condoms, we have no condoms today

Highlight of the day in triage:

Man walks swiftly up to triage desk. Opens mouth to speak. I notice he only has one tooth on top.

One tooth guy:  Do you have a condom?

Me: no

One tooth guy: You don't have condoms here?

Me: no

He turns around and walks out.  He wasn't there to be seen. He just wanted a condom. Maybe I should have said: Yeah, we have condoms, but we only have size small.  Is that okay?

Hey, I'm evil, what can I say?


jimbo26 said...

Evil is good . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Our ER was crazy today. Im at Triage. Long waits, cranky people in the waiting room and cranky staff from the cranky people. Endless calls asking how long is the wait? When suddenly my day brightened by a handsome young gentleman sashaying up to the desk. I gave him my biggest smile, so happy to see a normal person. "What brings you in today?" I ask. Suddenly his demeanour changes and he charges toward me demanding to know if am I'm fucking blind or just pain fucking dumb? I replied, "Clearly both...why don't you just tell me what the problem is." He points to his notch at his throat. "I have a hole in my neck." I must be blind...cuz' nope, no hole. I triage him a CTAS 3. Flag him PSYCH.

I ain't blind honey.
I can see you are psycho... it's as clear as a bell.

Never a dull moment. Ahhh...the life at Triage.

girlvet said...

people are getting crazier and crazier

triage sucks

end of story