Tuesday, November 12, 2013

get ready to rumble...its a cage match!

Ladies and gentleman...welcome to anywhere USA local emergency room on a friday night..  Tonight we have a four man cage match. Tonights goal: WHO WILL FINALLY DRIVE THE ER STAFF NUTS?  Lets get started...

In this corner is a woman who has been dying for the last 50 minutes prior to arrival but the medics won't let her die because middle aged people aren't supposed to die so young.   Within five minutes of arrival we let her die.  Then we hear the wailing begin.

In the opposite corner is a drunk who just called his nurse a "lard ass" and a "monkey" and oh by the way doesn't, shall we say "like" the race of the security officer watching him.  Delightful.  Oh and there are no detox beds.

In the next corner is a junkie who I am pretty sure just shot up in the bathroom because now they look a lot more relaxed then they did earlier.

And in the last corner is a 400 pound woman who is "too weak to get up", demands a bedpan and is having diarrhea. God help me...

Me, I gotta put my money on the 400 pounder...

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