Friday, November 29, 2013

putting the G in ghetto

Okay here's a new one.  I think I saw a drug sale go down in our ER lobby.

So its a pretty nice evening. I'm at the triage desk. There is a guy sitting in the lobby - acquaintance or something of one of the patients.  Here comes an inpatient rolling an IV pole. He goes over to the guy sitting in the lobby  I swear I saw I saw money change hands.

Earlier the guy with the IV pole had come up to the triage desk asking for a pass for his wife to get out of the parking ramp.  So he's probably buying dope to give to her or they are gonna use dope together outside.  Am I being paranoid?  Probably not.

Oh BTW, it turns out the guy sitting in the lobby (probable drug seller) is with another guy who is here trying to get narcs for his back pain. He is busted for using a false name. He was probably there to get more drugs to sell

The shit that goes down our ghetto ER.

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Mark p.s.2 said...

Medicine if it comes from a doctor, a drug if it comes from a nobody. We got legal drugs of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. You have to write "illegal drugs", not just drugs. And it is a voluntary transaction with no one getting hurt, money for drugs.