Friday, November 15, 2013

I go off the deep end

Is it too much to ask that the clocks in the ER all have the correct time?  I mean the daylight savings "fall back" happened 8 days ago. Don't these people plan for this?

I am being psychologically damaged by clocks that are actually still one hour ahead.  Picture this: Its busy, I glance up at the clock and am delighted it is almost 3 pm, half way though this God awful shift!  Then I go out to the main nurses area only to realize that it is actually closer to 2 pm. I am  stunned, speechless.  WTF"???!!! IT IS NOT ACTUALLY 2 PM instead of 3 PM.  Oh hell no. I burst into tears, wailing for a good 15 minutes. I'm inconsolable.

I am so upset that I ask to go home. I am told that is not impossible.  The despair turns to anger in an instant. Damn them. Damn this hospital.  And to think I bounced into work this morning, whistling a happy tune (har)...


JA-RN said...

In the hospitals I worked, after they did change the time, none of the clocks were the same. They had to be resynchronized or something. Made documentation interesting...

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