Monday, June 16, 2014

dave the drunk

Every ER has frequent flyers of various descriptions.  Chronic pain, mental health, drunks.  Well being an inner city ER we get our fair share of drunks.

I don't mind drunks most of the time as long as they aren't mean or haven't peed all over themselves.  Mostly they just go to sleep and are no trouble. We arrange a detox bed or let them sleep it off, feed them
and its all good.

So we have our regulars. One guy is there at least once a week. He's not nice. He's verbally abusive.  No one likes him.

Well one day here comes Dave the drunk by ambulance.  That's how they always come.  They are laid out on the street someplace and some "good samaritan"  calls an ambulance.  So Dave rolls in and one of the EMTs goes in to settle him while the nurse gets report.  All of a sudden she comes RUNNING OUT!!!!

She was undressing Dave to get him into a gown and out falls a DEAD MOUSE, yes I said a DEAD MOUSE...

Another fun day in the ER...oh well, I guess it could have been alive..**

**I know the picture really has nothing to do with the blog post, but I couldn't resist using it...its my twisted sense of humor

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