Tuesday, June 10, 2014

sex in the city

So its Thursday night and ya ain't got nothing to do.  Hey why don't ya try out some of those new fangled erectile dysfunction pills?  Just for fun ya know.  Then here's another scathingly brilliant idea: go down to the local love shop and buy yerself some rings and put them on yer johnson. Then just sit back and let the party begin...

Have fun for four days straight and then figure out that said rings won't come off and that you need to make a trip down to the local ER.  Hey no problemo, this could be fun.

In comes the nurse.  In comes the doctor.  Then they come in all at once. You lay back with your hands behind your back, basking in the attention...first they try a ring dice...after trying unsuccessfully to dislodge your terrible toys, a call is mad to maintenance asking for a bolt cutter. Yes, a bolt cutter.

An hour later you are free at last, free at last...we're glad you're free at least...

One of the docs, seeing a teachable moment for future wanna be ER docs, takes during this whole ordeal, with your permission of course...You are heard to comment: Hey it wouldn't be the first time I was naked on the internet!

There is a place reserved for you in the ER hall of fame.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! 1001 uses for a bolt cutter. I can just picture the typical maintenance man like we have here. Too funny! :-D

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