Friday, March 06, 2015

Nursing is complete bullshit part 2

In what other job is the public allowed to come into your workplace and act like complete assholes?  They can act like 2 year olds with no consequences.  They can call you names, threaten you verbally and sometimes physically and we are supposed to "understand". Bullshit. I am sick and tired of people treating us badly. I am not going to "therapeutically communicate" with someone who is calling me names. It is ridiculous.

Just because you are sick or your family is worried about you doesn't give you the right to bring your dysfunctional bullshit into the hospital. Nurses are idiots to allow it. We show how dysfunctional we are when we do allow it.  I honestly think you have to be somewhat of a masochist to be a nurse.

All of this passive bullshit is drilled into nurses heads starting in nursing school where we are taught to "therapeutically communicate" and "understand" when people are under stress.  We are not taught to assert ourselves to stand up for our dignity as human beings. We are taught to be doormats for the medical profession.  Let people abuse us.. Work under horrendous working conditions, not taking breaks, throwing out our backs, developing stress related illnesses. Have no control over our job. Let the people who are in management make lots of money off our back.  We take our frustration out on each other.

It is insanity this job of nursing. It gets more insane daily, but we go along with it, wanting so badly to please everybody by killing ourselves. It is truly pathetic.

This is the untalked about reality of nursing.  It is the truth about nursing  We pretend its not like this, lie to ourselves about it,  When we stop pretending this reality of nursing doesn't exist, it will be the beginning of change. I'm not getting my hopes up.


Anonymous said...

It is the same for every person working in the food service industry and in the retail industry. The customer is always right. Not sure why you think nurses are the only ones who experience this kind of abusive treatment on a regular basis. In the food service industry a customer can be verbally abusive and then leave a crappy tip or worse yet none at all. Also do not forget people in food service make below minimum wage. Quit whining you are luckier than mos.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... What a concept anon @10:26. My life is better than some people, so I should shut up, be thankful, and stagnate. ...I... I think my whole life is changed now! Thank you for showing me the light!


girlvet said...

Are you really comparing nursing to waitressing? I will admit that I do sometimes feel like a waitress, but you do not deal with shit, piss, vomit, boogers, blood, etc., so don't even go there with me sweetheart...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:12, I am not suggesting you shut up and stagnate. We each choose our own profession and it is up to us individually to either shit or get off the pot. QUIT WHINING!! Yes, you are luckier than most!! Girlvet, do not call me sweetheart.

girlvet said...

Is honey, dear, sweetie, poopsie OK?

Anonymous said...

These bitches in nursing are tiresome. I wish they would find another line of work without taking out their pms on patients and their families. Trouble is, the only other work they are qualified for doesn't overpay them or make them Teflon through Union overprotection.

Get over yourselves, bitches.

girlvet said...

okay poopsie

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