Wednesday, March 04, 2015

nursing is total bullshit

Nursing is really just a horrible job. It is self abuse. You have to be nuts to be a nurse. You are overworked. You have tremendous responsibility with lack of compensation. You are treated like shit by patients, doctors, administrators, even co workers.

Here's the thing: Nurses put up with all of this and then feel guilty they would demand to ask it to be different. We don't feel worthy of having better working conditions. We let people put more and more shit on our shoulders every day.

We get high blood pressure, have stomach problems, are depressed.  We literally kill ourselves in a thankless jobs and tell ourselves its all okay because we are "helping people".  Such bullshit.

Nursing is not a calling, that too is bullshit spread by people who think we should sacrifice ourselves for the good of humanity.  Nursing is a JOB, like any other job. We are not special.  We make an hourly wage and put in hours just like anybody else.  The whole "calling" thing, "helping humanity" crap hurts nursing.  It allows us to not get the pay we deserve and to keep being treated like second class citizens in the medical profession.  Oh, its okay, we can give the nurses a 1% raise and cut their benefits. They won't care because they won't stand up for themselves anyway. Meanwhile the people who are saying this are earning bonuses off of our hard work and sweat.

So, nurses, you keep telling yourself that this job is your calling,, you are "serving humanity", blah blah blah. You keep letting everybody shit on you on a daily basis. If we are okay with working under these conditions, we deserve what we get.

(cue all the people who live in this fantasy world of nursing and defend all the bullshit)


Anonymous said...

Madness, you are totally right in your statements. Only one thing you are overlooking, that is the oversupply of new grads. Our hospital simply doesn't care about us as they can plug in a new grad practically overnight and even save money! Patient care? As long as they get their drugs and are treated with a smile- no big whoop.

girlvet said...

thats the sad part of this. As nursing gets more and more stressful, the new grads don't know any better. Hopefully, they will leave in droves...

Anonymous said...

Do something about it. Unionize, open your own business, quit and backpack around the world, squeeze out a few pups and suckle them. Take charge of your life and stop blaming others for your place in the world. "ER NURSE" not with that attitude. You wouldnt last half a.shift in a our ED. I bet you delete this. Gutless.

girlvet said...

"squeeze out a few pups and suckle them"?
Are you on something?

Mark p.s.2 said...

Currently there is a "worst jobs" on the internet . 10-of-worlds-worst-jobs
1)Janitor at a Porno Theatre
2)Guard at Buckingham Palace
3)Animal Masturbator
4)Sewers Cleaner
5)Brazilian Mosquito Researcher
6)Portable Toilet Cleaner
7)Flatus Odor Judge
8)Cat Food Quality Controller
9)Roadkill Remover
10)Monkeys Chaser at a Safari

Most of the worst jobs are involved in a normal day of nursing.
1 Nurses clean up the mess coming out of humans.
2 Nurse on their feet all day with no time to pee.ya-wanna-be-er-nurse
4) More cleaning up the mess
5) Nurses might get a "stick" from a needle or EX. of previous post, the nurse who got Ebola.
6) Nurses clean up the feces
7) Nurses unavoidable smell of the illness's of the patients, like C diff poop. -Worst-Smells-In-The-Hospital
8) Nurse is lucky to get any food, so much work-time charting.ya-wanna-be-er-nurse
9) Nurses get to handle the human road kill.
10) Nurses get to chase monkeys all day as well.

girlvet said...

janitor at a porno theater hahahaha

love ya dude

girlvet said...
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Anonymous said...

Say AMEN, brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...


girlvet said...

poopsie is that you?

Anonymous said...

I've had high blood pressure, stomach problems and have been depressed and I'm not a nurse. Life does it to me.

pmsorchid said...

I agree. That is why I am on my way out. See ya!

ONC.RN said...

I'm glad someone finally said it. After my shift last night, I'm using BULLSHIT like I have Tourette's. I'm treated like shit by my patients, families, my supervisors, techs, you name it. Nurses are the punching bags of the medical world. And we take it. We are passive. We are not supposed to complain, but if we do, we are labeled "lazy" or "troublemakers". I've been spit on, threatened, sexually harassed (on the later incident when I told the patient it was unacceptable and told my boss, she apologized for the patient and gave him a fresh new grad)