Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Every once in a while I go back and look at comments that have been left.  Here's one:

Right on, Madness. Another issue that needs to be dealt with is: ADMIN, PHYSICIANS, LOTS OF PEOPLE, HAVE ALL BEEN TAKING ADVANTAGE. You nurses need to become "empowered," the way women in manufacturing and business did 'way back in the '70s. Stop being good little girls and start slugging back! Quit being so nice and accommodating. The bean-counters who've taken over healthcare administration have 30+ years of experience in how to be powerful, assertive, uncooperative, or downright nasty, as the situation requires. They don't hesitate to say no to unreasonable demands. They will manipulate the mamas and church women and good little servile "helpers" just as much as they can get away with, until YOU finally learn how to say "Fuck  off" instead of "Yes, I will do it." SERIOUSLY. I went from manufacturing into 1 year of diploma R.N. school, and I could not BELIEVE! what an antiquated workplace culture it was.
You are all trained professionals, and your job description does not say not good little servile housewives or Catholic mamas or other people who agree to be treated as inferiors. Stop being such nice cooperative little pushovers, and start acting like college-grad professionals, for your own good. Admin can't fire you all. Tell them "No," whenever "No" is the appropriate answer. Tell them if they don't like that answer, they can gown up and do the patient care themselves.


Jacqueline Bennetts said...

Ha, Im in the middle of reading From silence to voice by Susanne Gordan and it is about all the stuff you have been posting about this week, how we allow ourselves to be set up to be treated badly by accepting and demonstrating that we are not important. Viva the revolution Jacqui Bee

OldfoolRN said...

It's nice to see times are changing. In my day we were taught to be self sacrificing to a point that it threatened our survival. Anyone questioning any type of authority was given the boot. Organizing and presenting a united is important - They cannot fire everyone.

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Jessica Brown said...

Very entertaining Blog. Keep it up.

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