Sunday, October 09, 2016

Allina nurse strike continues

4800 nurses in Minnesota are going into their 6th week of a strike. I support them. Among the issues they are striking over are workplace safety. All of who work in the ER face daily verbal and physical abuse. Among their proposals:24/7 security in ER. A no brainer. Why do nurses even have to ask for this? They want the charge nurse to have no patients. What a concept, they can be the actual charge nurse. Another issue, they want them to go to a shitty health care plan. Not even nurses working in healthcare can have decent healthcare.

These nurses are will to make this sacrifice for all nurses really. They are willing to put their families economic stability on the line to fight for better conditions.

They started a gofundme page. I gave. If you can, I encourage you to give too. Press donate button below. Please share this post.


Anonymous said...

how about a link to the gofund page

Alica John said...

Great site. I add this Post to my bookmarks.
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ERMurse said...

Apparently the replacements don't know that Epi 1:1000 is not given IV.