Sunday, October 23, 2016

There are spiders crawling around your bed with you

Apparently throughout America there are spiders sleeping in our beds on a nightly basis.

It seems people figure any bite or sore with an unknown origin is automatically a spider bite and requires a trip to the local emergency room.  I wish I had a nickel  for every person who showed me a bite and  said "I think it's a spider bite".  I'd be a rich woman.

Don't even try to challenge that maybe this isn't a spider bite. The patient is always confident that this is indeed a spider bite and you are foolish to think otherwise. Their auntie told them so.

Out of the thousands of different kinds of spiders in the world, very few would bite humans, and even fewer of them are harmful. They are just trying to get through their day as a spider. Thinking about having to spin that damn web, whether any juicy insects will get caught today..

Have you ever heard that you are never more than 6 feet away from a spider?  There is one on the other side of your husband right now and they are sizing you up for dinner right now....


ERMurse said...

In all my years when asking the patient directly, did you see a spider bite you the answer has been no

John McCormick said...

I work in an Australian ED. Most "spider bites" are unknown insect bites, but Australia has a lot of venomous spiders so everyone assume all insect bites are spiders. But we rarely give antivenin for spider bites. I have seen a few patients come to triage with a container contining a spider though. And once a bag of snake (thankfully dead).