Friday, April 08, 2011

con artists?

I'm a genuis okay? I fixed my computer by myself. About 5 days ago I really messed it up. I would turn it on, log on and it would shut off. After trying all this shit to fix it, it just wasn't going to happen. I took it down to a major electronics retailer where we bought the computer. They have a well known repair department. Left it there and they finally got to it after 4 days. Then they told us that they couldn't fix it because we had to order some kind of disk from the manufacturer, run it and bring it back to them and then they could fix it.

So I looked up this disk on the computer and on the website it said that be sure you exercise your free options before you buy this disk. I don't know how but I figured out how to do it but now it works better than before. The disk would have cost 35 dollars.

My question is why couldn't this well known computer repair place figure out how to do this? The thing is you can take your computer in for repair, figuring that you now absolutely nothing about how computers work. They fix it and you just pay what they ask because what the hell do you know, you're just happy they fixed it. In other words, ripe for rip offs. I have found that I can usually look up problems with computers and figure out from that what to do to fix it.

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undergrad RN said...

Once upon a time when I worked for a big computer manufacturer doing tech support for their products, I answered calls all the time from "repair shops" asking me how to fix whatever problem it was. Then they charged the customer a small fortune for all their hard work.

Thing was, the person could have just called me for free...