Wednesday, April 06, 2011

newbie doobie do

I am always fascinated by who chooses to be preceptors for new nurses. Its usually the obsessive compulsive know it all nurses. Of course, yours truly, would never be a preceptor. Why not? A couple of reasons: 1) At this point I just want to do my job and go home 2) Lets just say I am not a big rule follower (I know that is hard to believe)

I am what you call a corner cutter. If I think its stupid I might not do it. That means I don't do half the shit we are supposed to do. Bada boom...The stuff I think is stupid is all the ridiculous documentation we have to do. For example a whole pile of shit about whether you have enough money for food, might off yourself or off someone else, etc. We are suppose to ask every person who comes in these questions, even if you are there for a finger laceration.

Another thing: everybody is supposed to have a set of vitals before they leave. Even someone who is there for a damn toothache who had NOTHING done. Stupid. There are times I have not done the medication reconciliation on people who are discharged. OH MY GOD, you didn't do that?!!!! Twenty lashes with a tourniquet.

So you see as a preceptor, I would have be a good nurse, dot all my i's and cross all my t's and tell the preceptee that they must do all of these things or else the world will come to an end. I couldn't do that with a straight face.


binkRN said...

I feel the same way. Being on a few committees, I find myself having to look like a rule follower, a good example if you will. The truth is- I just want to take care of my patient, chart what is required only for that and not the bureaucratic BS and all that other shit.

Oh, and if we go on divert- screw it.

Not real sure which piece of the woodwork all these extra patients climbed out of- and they are freakin' sick, too. Not the cough, cough, sniffle, barf type we have had for months.

LaceFace said...

I have actually precepted 1 new grad and done one "synthesis" with a student but I should mention something....My raise increases if I do these things. So it's all about the $$$. I do find myself having to revert back to my "good behaviors" that I started out with so I don't start my student out on the wrong foot.

It's hard.