Sunday, April 10, 2011

detox reject

Scenario #1:
You are sitting at home having just finished 1/2 quart of vodka, a case of beer, when you call 911 because you are short of breath. Of course you are a smoker. You use 02 24/7. When the medics get there you are drinking a beer. Off they bring you to the ER where you are checked out and booked a room at detox.

Nurse calls report, forgets (?) to tell the RN at detox that you are on 02. You get there with your oxygen running and light up a cigarette. This does not endear you to the detox staff. You think its pretty funny. They don't. Off you go back to the ER to sleep it off.

Scenario #2:
You are a drug addict who comes in for who the hell knows why, I guess because drug addicts sometimes do. You are discharged and proceed to the bathroom where you take a few of your sleeping pills. Someone finds you asleep there in the bathroom, difficult to arouse. Back you go to the ER room to sleep it off.

Another day in paradise.

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