Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi boys and girls. Here is a story for you. It is a puzzle. It tests your knowledge of medical acronyms. I bet your can't get them all.

I was in the middle of a SSDD shift. Enroute was a LOLLOL who FDGB and apparently was CTD, FTD. She had TMB. She was CODE 3 to our ER. Well of course when she got there she was FOS and FTD, time to MFC. I ran to get the RSI kit when the doctor said she was a DNR. End of story. Literally.


Nurse K said...

SSDD= Same shit, different day

LOLLOL=I usually say LOLOL, but variation of "little old lady [lying] on linoleum".
FDGB= Fall down go boom

I don't know the rest off the top of my head other than, obviously, FOS = full of shit.

Why are you getting a RAPID SEQUENCE INTUBATION (RSI) kit when a patient is Do Not Resuscitate?

ArkieRN said...

CTD = circling the drain
FTD - fixin' to die
TMB = too many birthdays
MFC = measure for coffin

Nurse K said...

MFC similar to "CAB stat!"

CAB = Coffin at bedside.

girlvet said...

one left LONBH

Health Herbal News said...


ERP said...

Pass the butter, she's toast.