Sunday, April 24, 2011

glee and merriment abound

You know how when you go in a movie theater and your eyes have to adjust to the darkness? Well I am experiencing a similar phenomenom today. I am havinhg to shield my eyes like I am a migraineur. It is so bright outside. There is some kind of gigantic round object in the sky that is so bright that it lights up everything. Wait a minute...whats that you say? The sun....oh the sun....nah can't be. Well of course it is the sun. Didn't recognize it. Its been gone for so long that I thought it ceased to exist.

It has been a LONG HARD winter up here in the nortern tundra boys and girls. The natives are restless. There are people dizzily dancing in the street as I speak. It doesn't take much to make us happy. 20 minutes of sun in a day, temps above 40 and we're good.

It is rather frightening the mirth and merriment outside my window. Us people of the north are usually a reserved, close to vest type of folk. We are not a people prone to outward expression of glee. F--k it...I'm going out there to join them. Who knows when the sun will appear again???!!!

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ERP said...

Makes you almost ready to go jump in a recently thawed lake!