Friday, April 08, 2011

i'm still doing okay Betty Jo

Honestly I wish the hospital would issue us scrubs. I HATE shopping for scrubs. HATE IT. You walk in the stupid store and there are thousands of scrubs to choose from. I don't want that many choices. I don't want that many colors. I don't want to have to choose v neck, square neck, round neck, ruffled neck. I don't want to look like walking wallpaper or wear something that looks like something you'd see on a bad LSD trip. I don't want hello kitty, mickey mouse, holiday scrubs. I don't want scrubs that reflect the local sports team.

Then, have you ever noticed that scrub shops are always staffed by middle aged women who have probably been there for 15 years....? They want to help you SO BAD. I hate that. Leave me alone and let me looks through all of these assinine patterns.

Inevitably you find something you like and they don't have your size. Here comes Betty Jo again asking if you are "STILL DOING ALRIGHT"? No Betty Jo, didn't you notice I had a seizure 2 minutes ago?

You go to the counter and of course they want to put you on their wonderful mailing list where you will get all those great discounts. They want to know where you work, your blood type, you mothers mothers uncles cousins name. And of course, Betty Jo does this with a big smile plastered on her face in her chirpy voice wearing her Uniforms Personified get up with "Betty Jo" stitched on the pocket.

I run outta there, my sanity barely intact.


Still Dreaming said...

online shopping?

binkRN said...

Well, shouldn't be too much longer and you won't have to make such a choice. The corporate collective, as you indicated in another post, is mandating color-coded scrubs. That said...there are still a million options out there in navy blue.

I just wish they's stop making those "Junior cut" scrubs. Those are the ones where we end up seeing tummy or thong-crack of some young staff member.
Cute but functional I am good with, but fancy enough where I am worried if someone barfs on them? Not on my dollar.

newnurseinthehood said...

None of those bitches at the scrub store will help me. I guess they assume I must be lost or shoplifting, but these hos will not even acknowledge my presence. I just don't feel like I should have to throw myself down and fake a seizure just to get betty jo's attention long enough to ask her for a petite pant, damn.

Cartoon Characters said...

Just pretend the scrub store is an ER and they are just trying to give "good customer service".....